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Andrea began her theatrical creative process as an actress studying in Los Angeles at the Actors Studio and with Paul Richards.  She has worked as an actor in the United States, Africa and Europe, and is bilingual in English and German, Andrea's first language . Her other endeavors include inventive tile work and imaginative knitting and felting projects.

Andrea's inspiration for filmmaking began after she completed 23 episodes of "The Dog & Pony Show", a Los Angeles cable television show that she created and hosted. The half hour show showcased local and international filmmakers by showing their short films, followed by an interview with the filmmaker.  The show not only gave the filmmaker a face and voice, it provided insight and understanding of what it takes to make a film. Thus the impetus for her first short film The Picnic. 

Overall, Andrea's artistic spririt stems from the issues surrounding women in society and our responsibility to children and animals, as well as an understanding of the importance of using our creativity by any means possible.

She has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Joshua Tree.

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