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Resume / CV


110 page Screenplay - Unconventinal Romantic Comedy

LANGE WEILEN (Stillness Of Waiting) – Dialogue Translator
Documentary.  Running Time: 56:00 / Director: Felicitas Hefti - Zurich CH
Translated Swiss dialogue film into English subtitles 
Film Festival Screening: 
• Worldfest Houston – Houston, TX  USA  

   Winner:  Golden Remi Award 2008 (Documentary)

DEVIL RUN – Director / Editor
Music Video.   Running Time: 4:00
Conceptualized and directed music video for recording artist Eric Burdon formerly of The Animals.  Edited video project on Final Cut Pro.

THE PICNIC – Executive Producer / Writer / Director
Short Film.  Running Time: 9:46
Film Festival Screenings: 
• Kontrast 2001 – Das Bayreuther Filmfest - Bayreuth, Germany
• Morbegno Film Festival – Morbegno, Italy
• Los Angeles Int’l Short Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA  USA
• Tiburon Int’l Film Festival – Tiburon, CA  USA
• Film Expo Texas – Houston, TX  USA 

   Winner: Best Short Film 2003
• 5th Annual Ozark Foothills FilmFest – Little Rock , AR  USA

Video for Halcyon Blues Band. Running Time: 2:30 /
Director: Michael Gullberg

ANGELHAIR– Lead Actress: Angela
16mm Short Film.  Running Time: 19:07 / Director: Janice Carlberg

THE DOG & PONY SHOW - Creator / Executive Producer / Show Host
Los Angeles Cable Television Show dedicated to showcasing filmmakers and showing their short films.  23 completed and aired 30 minute episodes produced.
• Film acquisitions:  Responsible for locating, viewing and selecting short films for
   show.  Extensive Filmmaker contact and coordination. Conducted on air interviews
   with U.S. and International filmmakers for broadcast. 
• Public relations representative for the show at Film Festivals and industry trade

THE DEVIANTS – Supporting Actress:  Lola
35mm Feature Film. Running Time: 90:00 / Director: John Mikulak

DUNE 7 – Lead Actress: Grace
35mm Feature Film. Running Time: 97:00 / Director: Felicitas Hefti - Zurich CH
Film Festival Screenings:
• Film Expo Texas – Houston, TX  USA 

  Winner: Best Feature Film 2003
• Tiburon Int’l Film Festival – Tiburon, CA  USA
• Worldfest Houston – Houston, TX  USA 

   Winner: Golden Remi Award 2001 (Action Adventure)
• Worldfest Houston – Houston, TX USA  

   Winner: Best Actress in an Action Adventure Award 2001

BEEFING DOWN - Lead Actress: Lilly
8mm Short Film.  Running Time: 15:00 / Director: Michael Gullberg


CHRYSALIS MUSIC GROUP Los Angeles, CA - Legal / Business Affairs  1998-2006
• Responsible for all contracts and correspondence, monitoring of contractual and
   option payments, weekly status reports and monthly litigation reports. 
   Preparation of recording and production agreements and monitoring recording
   artist advance payments.



Height: 5'8" / 175.26cm    Hair: Blonde    Eyes: Blue
Bilingual: English / German           Passport:  EU German & USA 

Training:  Actors Studio-Los Angeles, CA​ / Paul Richards - Los Angeles, CA




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